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Medical Specialty: Neurology

    • Classification INSTRUMENT

USPTO Utility Patent 9,132,059

USPTO Patent Allowed September 15, 2015

Patent Allowed
Filed 12-06-2007: Method and Apparatus to rewire the brain using fingertip movement.

USPTO patent provides protection for Brainpaths to move forward and develop new models of devices and continue to test models using fMRI’s. Brainpaths is registered by the FDA Federal Food and Drug Administration as: Class 1 Neurological Medical Instrument, non-powered, registered Establishment Number: 3010937782. Brainpaths is also exempt from FDA 510 K testing since Braille testing has already been conducted.

Since Brainpaths is similar to tracing Braille dots for the blind, testing has been conducted over many years. It is common knowledge that a blind individual can read a book and receive a college degree by fingertip-tracing coded dots that indent into the fingertip. Brainpaths uses the same fingertip-tracing technology, but without using coded dots. Brainpaths tracing of sharp edged textures provides a ‘Superhighway to the brain’ to stimulate the sensory cortex of the brain. Brainpaths will continue using fMRI’s to find new and different uses for Brainpaths devices.

Brainpaths tracing builds mental activities into every day and challenges the mind. Additionally, Brainpaths provides tactile and sensory fingertip-connection to the brain, stimulating the brain to improve functioning of the brain.