NEW Alzheimers Foundation Video

John Schmid of the Alzheimers Foundation “Best Products Store”, considers Brainpaths tracing devices the most quickly growing product for improving memory in Alzheimers patients and of course – with no side effects. Alzheimers Foundation has moved forward to create a video of Alzheimers patients completely involved in tracing Brainpaths “Masterful Voyage” model, demonstrating the ability […]

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Neurosurgical Medical Device to Stimulate the Brain

Brainpaths: A Neurological Medical Device that stimulates the brain; Brainpaths is approved for home use and can be purchased without a prescription for under $20. Brainpaths users repeatedly trace textures on the surface of the device, to stimulate the somatosensory cortex of the brain. Never before have designed textures been available in a device that […]

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Non Invasive Brain Stimulation with No Side Effects

Brainpaths safe alternative to Minimally Invasive Brain Stimulation Brainpaths brain stimulation devices are registered with the FDA as a medical device; medical specialty: neurology. FDA registered Brainpaths as a non-powered surgical instrument, Product Code: HAO Class: 1, Regulation #: 882.4535. Brainpaths LLC is a FDA Registered Establishment, Number: 3010937782.

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Research Validates Brain Stimulating Device

Brainpaths Effective Brain Stimulating Device: fMRI Study Using BCS (braille character stimulator) US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health dated February 15, 2013: Design and evaluation of an innovative MRI-compatible Braille stimulator with high spatial and temporal resolution. In a study published by NCBI [] February 15, 2013

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USPTO Patent and FDA Registration as a Medical Device

Brainpaths: method and apparatus received a USPTO Patent on September 15, 2015. Patent approval  provides protection for Brainpaths to move forward and develop new models of devices, as well as test models using fMRI’s on an ongoing basis. Brainpaths is registered by the FDA Federal Food and Drug Administration as:

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Instructions: Brainpaths Fingertip Tracing Devices

Brainpaths Fingertip Tracing:Improves Memory Strengthens Synapse Connections Sensory stimulation and repetitious mind exercises resulting from repetitive fingertip movement, improves memory & cognitive abilities, relieves anxiety, depression and stress. INSTRUCTIONS: BRAINPATHS FINGERTIP TRACING DEVICES Trace with one fingertip: Use one fingertip to trace the design on the front side of your device. Find the beginning point […]

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Brainpaths Fingertip Tracing Devices Strengthen Synapse Connections

Brainpaths Fingertip Tracing Devices Strengthen Synapse Connections: Repeated and Persistent Brain Stimulation IMPROVES MEMORY Memory loss results when Amyloid plaque builds up in the brain and impairs synaptic neuron connections. Shankar GM, Li S, Lemere CA, et al. 2008. To improve memory, synapse connections must be strengthened. Brainpaths patented medical devices use repeated and persistent […]

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A Day In the Life Memory Care Patient

Visiting a Memory Care Facility is a pleasant experience. The facility is generally attractive, well furnished, well equipped and carried out efficiently. Patients are quiet, and sitting on a chair. There is very little sound in the room unless the TV is on or music is playing. The staff is pleasant. They take care of […]

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Fingertip Tracing Controls Pain Before It Is Felt In The Brain

Is it possible to control pain by closing the pain gate in the spinal column before the pain reaches the brain? The answer is yes, first introduced by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in their “gate control” theory of pain. 1965 “Pain Mechanisms: A New Theory”. Using fingertip tracing of textures on a Brainpaths board, […]

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