Brainpaths is a patent-pending product having dual contact paths for a user to repeatedly trace, using one or more fingertips. This Brainpaths product incorporates neuroscientific research at an affordable price – never available in the past. While tracing the paths, the user invigorates his brain by accessing many of the 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin of each fingertip. Neuroscientists refer to fingertips as a ‘superhighway’ to the brain (Brain Plasticity, Thomas Elbert, January 1998, Radio National, the Health Report).

Tracing Brainpaths, also provides fine motor skills exercise for fine motor control and dexterity. involving small muscles in fingers and hands, that enable such functions as fine motor control and dexterity, needed for writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing.

The user may repeat the Brainpaths exercise as often as desired, in the same session or many sessions over a period of one day or several days. Depending on the use, a therapist may set a specific time-period for using Brainpaths.

Brainpaths products consist of molded-plastic products that fit comfortably in the users hands. They are all UV rated and dishwasher safe.

The more you trace the paths on the Brainpaths product, the greater the contact you have with the huge number of mechanoreceptors under the skin of your fingertips, and since the fingertips have far more mechanoreceptors than the entire trunk of the human body, fingertip tracing provides an excellent exercise to invigorate and revitalize your brain. Brainpaths have one or more sides of sharp-like textured paths that allow the paths to dent into the user’s fingertips.

Follow the directions below when using Brainpaths:


  1. Select an appealing Brainpaths product.
  2. Find a restful location to enjoy while tracing your Brainpaths product.
  3. Repeatedly trace dual contact paths with one to ten fingertips.
  4. Trace with your eyes open or closed.
  5. Trace with soothing music or peaceful quietness.
  6. Trace textured paths on one or more sides of your Brainpaths product.


No minimum or maximum time for tracing.
Any age is the optimal age to use brainpaths – from toddlers to seniors Optimal settings include: home, school, office, waiting room, airplane, tour bus, preschool, college dormitory, senior center, faculty break room, vacation motor home, hospital bed, clubhouse, bathtub, or possibly …. lying in a patch of wild clover, in a sunny-lit meadow.

Brainpaths is a breakthrough. There is nothing even remotely similar to Brainpaths in the current marketplace, with the exception of Braille for the blind. In the early 1900’s, Louis Braille developed a method of using Braille dots to teach blind individuals to read. Louis Braille thought the power of his invention was in the dots. At that time, “Plasticity of the Brain” was not discovered and the power of the fingertips as a “Superhighway” to the brain was not yet determined. At that time, no one realized Louis Braille’s ‘dots’ depended on the power of 3000 mechanoreceptors in each fingertip to make Braille dots work for blind individuals. Today, we are fully aware that fingertips are the most stimulating part of the human body (1995, John Hopkins Magazine, “Handy Guide to Touch”).

This is a valid question, since a blind person using fingertips to trace Braille dots (while following the Braille code), can read a book or obtain a college degree. Conversely, Brainpaths products do not follow a code, but uses fingertips just like Braille, to trace paths and textures (including dots) engraved into the injected plastic products. Repeatedly tracing the paths with one or more fingertips, invigorates the brain and optimizes performance at a higher level, much the same as Braille. Thus, a brain working at optimal performance, allows learning to come easier and last longer. We are receiving input from users that will be included in videos. includes current research and continues to add research daily. BRAIN PLASTICITY was discovered in 1998 by Neuroscience researchers, proving the ability of the brain to repair, revitalize, develop new brain cells and make stronger connections between neurons. Prior to brain plasticity, the human brain was thought to have all the cells it would ever have and that when brain cells were lost or died, new cells were not able to generate. Now we know our brain can grow new neurons and make stronger connections between neurons throughout our lifetime, but our brains must be used as much as possible. Thus the old adage: use it or lose it. Brainpaths products provide opportunities to invigorate the brain using fingertip tracing exercises.

New Brainpaths products will come in varying sizes, shapes, textures and configurations. One example is a Brainpaths product designed as a table top for preschools, schools and nursing homes, with mazes engraved into the surface of the table. Some configurations will allow more than one user to trace the paths at one time while other mazes will be more challenging to entice users to participate.

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